Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Your Bridal Outfit

jatin malhotra
21 Nov , 2022

Indian weddings are not just a celebration for the couple, but for both the families. They bring together all the relatives and friends of the bride and groom to enjoy and celebrate this event.  But among all the pomp and show, the most important decision is to choose what to wear on this special day. Choosing the right bridal outfit is one of the most crucial decisions and also the most interesting one. To make this choice easier for the bride and both the families, we have launched a whole new “Bridal Collection” at our Lajpat Nagar store in Delhi. A bridal outfit remains etched in the memory forever and to make your bridal lehenga special, we have some tips which can help you choose the right designer outfit for your special day.  A bridal outfit is not just a choice you make but it is one that stays with you forever.


Kind of Outfit

There are multiple factors which one has to keep in mind while choosing their bridal outfit. We have meticulously worked for long hours and curated a special line for “bridal lehengas” at our Delhi store for you. The first thing to keep in your mind while making a choice for the bridal outfit is the decision on the kind of outfit for the wedding day. While women traditionally wear a lehnga on their wedding day, some women might be looking for a heavy traditional saree. While the decision is solely yours, we have both the options available at our Delhi outlet. We have a special line of “Party Wear Sarees” where the bride-to-be can also look for a traditional saree for her special day.


Design Intricacy

The next thingin focus while making a choice is the design of the outfit. Whether you wish to have a heavily intricated design or do you want it to be sober and simple with less work is something one should think about. The design is not just limited to the work done, but it also extends to the extent of deciding the kind of work are you looking for on the outfit. Do you want a Zari work, simple embroidery,mirror cutwork, dabka work or something more customized as per your taste.


Colour Tone of The Outfit

Another important thing is the colour of your outfit. It is an important aspect that you must keep in mind. Most brides like to go with the traditional red colour or the traditional maroon coloured lehenga for their wedding day. However, if one is looking for something different, then pastel colours or shades of pink are something that one can consider. We at Malhotra’s Indian Heritage have multiple stock options to make this decision easier for you.


Material Choice


A bride would be happy only if her outfit is a little comfortable for her. Though wedding outfits aren’t very comfortable, we have an array of multiple materials available at our store to provide you with not just the looks but the comfort as well. We have various kinds of materials available to make it the most comfortable experience for a bride. Banarasi silk, georgette, pure satin silk, pure kanjwaram silk, etc. are some of the options we have for the brides to choose from.


Complementing Jewellery

The jewellery that you wear also plays a major role while deciding your bridal outfit. If one plans to wear a heavy choker, then a bridal outfit with a deeper neckline would complement the accessories. On the contrary, if you have a longer necklace set, then you should go for higher necklines in the outfit ss they enhance the looks of your neck and make the jewellery and outfit both stand out.


Complementing Outfit with the Venue

Last but not the least, as you decide upon the bridal outfit, one of the boxes that you need to check is the weather and the venue for the wedding. As couples want aesthetic weddings, they have different location for their wedding day. While some weddings our held in banquet halls, the others are held in the garden, while some couples want a beach wedding. In such cases, the bridal outfit should complement the theme of the wedding and the area where the wedding takes place. For instance, pastel colours work well with beachside weddings, dark maroon colours match with outdoor weddings. While red stands universal for all weddings, it should be avoided during a day wedding on a sunny day. In our bridal line, we have the options for all these kinds of lehengas or sarees, ranging from red to the pastels.

While these decisions may seem difficult to finalize, making a checklist of all these things always helps you in deciding the best bridal outfit. The bridal outfit shall be one which stands out from the rest of the tribe and yet seems like an outfit which has been especially designed for the bride-to-be. We make all of this possible through our bridal lehenga collection at our designer store in Delhi.